Search Engine Optimisation

Managed SEO Campaigns

Try searching [your service] + [your town] into a search engine now. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Is your website the first result? Top 5? On the first page at all? If not, then imagine how many hot leads your business could be missing out on.

If I’m searching for a plumber in Darlington, wouldn’t you think there’s a pretty good chance I need a plumber in Darlington? These searchers are people who are often ready to enquire & become a customer straight away. We can help your site fly up the rankings for your most lucrative search terms, and unlock a whole new source of leads for your business. This is done in two key ways:

1) Optimising the site itself to ensure search engines can index the pages & understand what they’re about

2) Building quality links to your domain, indicating to search engines that your site is authoritative and important

If you’re interested in learning more, we can set up an initial meeting and go through the specific ways in which we can achieve those two things in your particular situation. We’ll also help you conduct keyword research to find out what exactly your prospects are typing into Google & other search engines, and roughly how many searches per month your target queries are getting.

SEO Strategy Consulting

This service is mostly for medium – large businesses. You may:

  • Have your own marketing team & SEO professional(s) that require some strategic direction
  • Already have a strategy in place that isn’t yielding the results you expected
  • Intend to build an in-house team but seek guidance on where to start

SEO can be a minefield, even for experienced marketers. Algorithms change, users change, and strategies must therefore change too. But here’s the thing with SEO. If you don’t get your strategy quite right, it can be months before you really know for sure. Thousands wasted in tools, resources and salaries only to start back at square one doesn’t sound like much fun. That’s where we come in. Drawing on expertise from countless successful SEO campaigns, we can help you:

  • Identify any skill gaps in your marketing team and point recommend training & resources
  • Integrate SEO with content marketing strategies, and/or audit existing content marketing
  • Advise on technical SEO including (but not limited to) such as site structure, title & description best practices, and, user experience on site
  • Help your business establish systems and processes that will allow you to reliably and predictably generate backlinks through content creation, promotion & outreach
  • And perhaps most importantly, identifying & developing the process used to convert search engine traffic into paying customers

Whatever the position you’re currently in, we can help to ensure you’re on the right track with your search engine marketing.

Link Building

We also offer link building as a standalone service. This could be appropriate for you if you are targeting competitive search queries, and already have your on-site optimisations in place. Links are an essential part of every SEO campaign. The number and quality of backlinks pointing to your domain impacts upon how authoritative and important your site is perceived to be. Quality in particular is important and should not be overlooked. Since Google’s algorithm update known as ‘Penguin’, spammy and irrelevant links have not only become ineffective, but they also put your site at risk of penalties and even deindexing. The ways in which we can acquire relevant backlinks include (but are not limited to):

1) Producing amazing content such as articles and infographics which will attract shares and backlinks.

2) Manual outreach to parties that may appreciate the above content (relevant blogs, resource pages, etc.)

3) Guest articles. We can source (and fulfil if appropriate) guest posting opportunities on other websites. In these cases, if you contribute quality content, at the very least you can get an ‘about the author’ link at the bottom.

4) PBNs. These are links from our own private network of blogs that exist solely to build backlinks to our client sites. We also use links from trusted partner networks that are vetted for quality before being used on live client sites. 100% safe, we have never incurred a penalty, nor will we ever.

5) Citations (directory listings from places like, are also easily acquired links if they haven’t yet been done.

If SEO is something you feel your business would benefit from, click the button below and we can begin the journey to growing your online presence.